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June 24th, 2005

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03:32 pm - Hey, everybody...
How's everyone been doing and what's everybody up to? I've been sort of pissed at the internet lately, because EZBoard got hacked, and I lost a 12-page character description. So I've been bumming at that.

I'm also pretty irked, because someone in our campaign got pissed about nearly dying, and threw my boyfriend's Monster Manual as hard as he could. The binding is ruined, and he's being a dick about it... I bought my boyfriend his entire 3.5 set! Mike (said spazz) is damned lucky he messed up the one book that didn't change much... If he had destroyed the Player's Handbook or DMG, I would have drawn blood.

On the plus side, we finally got fed-up enough with our lousy DM, and so we're starting a new DnD campaign. I am currently questing for good halfling names... =) I predict trouble: Spazz is playing a serious human ranger-fighter type, and he has gotten into the habit of bossing my characters around lately... Fortunately, my boyfriend is also playing a halfling, so there will, no doubt, be a tangle. My boyfriend is running it, in hopes of giving the other DM some idea of what he's been doing wrong... What I think is really cool is he's offering EXP for my (bard) journal entries! I think it's partly because he feels bad for getting me all excited about writing a journal for Falkenstein and never letting me play.

Unfortunately, we're stuck with Spazz, because most people in my area who table-top min-max their characters to the extreme and don't care a fig about the role-playing... I'm sure you all know the type. They're the sort of people who kill baby bunnies. =(

Well, enough babble from me! Just trying to revive the dead and all that... By-and-by, are any of you familiar with 8-Bit? It's an online comic based off of the early FF characters in a table-top setting--very well worth the read if you need a good laugh!
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